Capital Benefits (Base Coverage)

What does this Section Cover

This section provides cover for the Specified Events as set out in the table below.

The cover provided under this section is the Base Coverage offered through the VAFA Insurance Program. Teams are encouraged to utilise the Top Up Covers that are available for purchase.

For further details, and application, please contact BJS Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd or phone (03) 9860 4225.

What are the Benefits Payable?

$100,000 Maximum*

$1,000,000 for injuries resulting in Permanent Paraplegia or Quadriplegia

*Top Up Options available for purchase:

Top Up Option 1:   
$150,000 Maximum

Top Up Option 2:   
$200,000 Maximum

Bodily Injury sustained by an Insured Person during the Scope of Cover which within twelve calendar months results in; The benefits payable will be the following percentage of the Capital Benefit specified in the Schedule.
(limited to 20% of Capital Benefit in Schedule if under 18 years of age)
Permanent Quadriplegia 100%
Permanent Paraplegia 100%
Permanent total loss of  
sight Two Eyes 100%
One Eye 50%
hearing Two Ears 75%
One Ear 25%
use of Two Arms 75%
One Arm 35%
use of Two Legs 75%
One Leg 35%
use of Two + Fingers 40%
Two Fingers 14%
One Finger 4%
One Thumb 5%
use of Two + Toes 40%
Two Toes 14%
One Toe 4%
Total & Permanent
For the purposes of this Event 11 only, Disfigurement means disfigurement that extends to more than 20% of the entire external body. The total percentage paid is to be at the absolute sole discretion of the Insurer.
Disfigurement up to 45%
Shortening of Leg 7%

Any permanent total disability or permanent total loss of any body part not shown above
Will be compensated at a percentage of the Capital Benefit as determined at the sole and absolute discretion of the Insurer. Such determination will not be inconsistent with the benefits provided under Events 4-11 inclusive.

Up to 90%
Becoming HIV positive
But cover for this Event is only provided if the infection was as a direct result of playing or participating in the Sport (Australian Rules Football) nominated in the Schedule.
Actual Non Medicare Medical Expenses incurred following Accidental miscarriage or premature child birth up to a max of 26 weeks pregnancy.
Cover for this event is only provided if the miscarriage or childbirth was a result of playing or participating in the Sport (Australian Rules Football) nominated in The Schedule. Event 14 is subject to deduction of the Excess specified in The Schedule for Medical Benefits
Up to 5%